Date: 9/19/2017
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World Facts

For Most of Us, It is An Oppurtunity to "Change the Way We Live, the Way We Had Always Wished.

Rishi Sehdev
Director, Dewsoft Overseas

Over 90% of people in this world do not know how to truly use computers.

Over 95% of people in this World having a computer do not know how to build web sites. 

 Over 97% Computer users in the World do not know troubleshooting Computers.

Ajim Premji, Chairman of Indian IT Company, Wipro, is the richest person in India. 

"There are many people in this world, who are going to make more money than I have, through the advent of Internet." 

Bill Gates


"Over 90% of People in this world do not know how to use computers, of which approximately almost 8% want to know how to use them. This is staggering 35 Million People."


"Computers have become as essential as Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Oxygen for Our Survival in this technology savvy times."

"A computer savvy person is seen as an asset to the organization."

"Despite the recession in IT, the IT giant Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation is still the world richest person for the 8th consecutive year."

"E-learning is likely to grow at 90% annually worldwide."

The WORLD around

By Experience

Forbes magazine  IBM survey

"Software and IT services industry will create over 2 million jobs by 2008."

Mc Kinsey Report

"Forecast market for distance learning (Online Education and training) by 2003 is US $ 11.5 billion."

W.R. Hambrecht & Co

"…despite a sagging global economy, best employers in the U.S. and abroad haven't reduced their commitments to their IT workers."

Computerworld's special report

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