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User Agreement

Definitions For the purpose of convenience certain words/phrases have been defined here whose meaning is described herein.
A.,,,,, DewSoft Overseas Pvt. Ltd. DewSoft Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd., DewSoft Canada Ltd. and any of its associate concerns, or wholly owned subsidiaries, and their promoters, directors, managers, employees, shareholders etc. are referred to as individually or collectively as the company.
Any package, program, product offered by the company to its subscribers, whether Virtual or Physical, is termed as “package”. For details of the individual packages, please visit
The “new/old user” of any product/package offered by the company is referred to as “subscriber”.
The “subscriber” availing the optional free business opportunity is referred to as an “associate”, or “independent channel partner”. Together/collectively they are referred to as “partners”.

Now the Agreement

That the Subscriber is voluntarily buying the package from the company after satisfying himself thoroughly with the contents and claims thereof, and hereby indemnifies “The Company” and /or it's partners harmless of any claims whatsoever arising of its content, use and non use of the same.
That the subscriber has gone through the “Terms and Conditions”, “User Agreement” and “Associate Agreement” as available at the website and agrees to abide by them.
That the subscriber understands that the contents of “the package” may change/ be updated, or be withdrawn, temporarily or permanently, without assigning any reason whatsoever giving an online notice of 02 weeks.
That subscription fee or any part of it is NON REFUNDABLE after the lapse of 72 hours of the receipt of money in the New Delhi INDIA office, or if the physical goods or part of the package have been received/opened by the subscriber. However the Subscription may be transferred to another Subscriber on payment of applicable transfer fees.
That the subscriber understands and acknowledges that he is buying a self use package, which comprises of self read books, CDs, DVDs and or eBooks, Audio Books, etc. without any monitoring or technical support. That the subscriber is qualified and able to use the same and gain from it, independently without any further support from “the company” and “the partners”.
That The subscriber may require additional coaching/monitoring/personal guidance on the subject to acquire or gain understanding of the subject by an expert, as required by the Industry levels, program and it’s fee would be separate and in addition to this. The company under its distant/self use packages such as these does not offer this support.

That in order to use “the Virtual package”, or any of its part, the subscriber is required to have a pc with internet connection facilities, an internet connection, and access to internet by a browser, and knowledge/skill on how to use the same. That the subscriber agrees to bear all the related costs in perusing “the package”, including the cost of training himself, if necessary to learn the skills required for using “the package”.

That “the partners”, have no authority to bind “the company” to any obligations. The relationship between “the partners” and “ the company” is established only by the “user agreement”, “associates agreement” and “terms and conditions” as mentioned on the website and “subscriber”, "associate," or “independent channel partner” is not an agent, employee or any other legal representative of “ the company”.
That the offers promoted on the website time to time are promotional offers/benefits made available to the subscribers or “the partners” as part of the business promotion activity from “the company” and are often offered along in conjunction/alliance with third party. That these promotional offers come with some qualification criteria as mentioned on offer page on the website, which must be met, to be eligible for the offer. That these timely promotions can be withdrawn by “the company” or the third party at any given time, without giving any due notice or reason whatsoever. That the subscriber indemnifies “ the company” and “the partners” harmless against all claims whatsoever, arising out of the usage/denial of product/service of the third party, its quality, assurance, guarantee, warranty, availability and any other reason attached to them. This applies unconditionally to all the third party programs and promotional offers.
That “the company” offers many other products and services itself, and in tie up with 3rd parties like offshore education, and other degree programs like BCA, MCA etc. Separate fees, and other charges as applied by the relevant Service provider have to be borne separately for perusing these courses, besides meeting the eligibility criteria. The subscriber indemnifies “ the company” and “the partners” harmless against all claims whatsoever, arising out of the usage/denial of service of the
3rd party, its quality, assurance, guarantee, warranty, availability and any other reason attached to them.
That “ the company” deploys consistent and conscious effort, skill, technology to make the Virtual Courses/package available to all 365 days a year. But due to technical reason, of virus attack, data center problems, hardware or software crash, bandwidth problems of the ISP, or routine maintenance/updating work, the website, “the Virtual package” or any part of it may be temporarily unavailable to subscribers or “the partners”, or the contents as kept online by “the partners” at the allocated web space, including web-site if any, notes, contacts, schedules, images, or electronic data in any form, etc., may get destroyed completely or in part, “ the company” shall deploy all conscious effort to restore it from a previous back up if one is available. “the partners” indemnifies “ the company” harmless of any claims, damages whatsoever arising out of such a mishap.
That the subscriber shall visit website and for all notifications, promotions, changes, updates etc. and shall no way hold “ the company” or “the partners” responsible for any miscommunication, misunderstanding. In case of any discrepancy, the subscriber shall always communicate with “ the company” via email to before approaching any other authority.
That the subscriber shall not put, or promote false, or defamatory, or derogatory comments/remarks against the company on any social media, forums, or publicly accessible areas, physical or virtual. In event of the same, the subscription for the package shall stand cancelled and appropriate punitive action shall be taken against the subscriber, as deemed fit by the company within the legal framework of applicable laws.
That participation in the home based business opportunity is free and purely optional, and by participating in the same, the subscriber shall become an associate(s) /independent channel partner(s)of “the program”. Terms and conditions for which shall be governed and followed as mentioned in the “associates agreement”.
Subscriber acknowledges that Subscriber has read, understands and agrees to the terms set forth in this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties on the subject matter hereof, and no other additional promises, representations, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid concerning such subject matter unless in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the company.
All disputes shall be heard exclusively in a competent court in Jurisdiction of New Delhi, India. The subscriber hereby submits and expressly waives the right to bring/file suit or complaint in any other Jurisdiction. In any cause of action the winner shall be entitled to recovery of all court approved attorney fees, court costs and other costs of the action.
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