Date: 9/19/2017
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Award and Recognition Ceremony

Dewsoft Idol Hunt (24th-25th October 2005)

Hearty Congratulations to you from Dewsoft on the auspicious occasion of the 6th Anniversary Celebrations. From the year 2005, As the Dewsoft Idol, the Company feel its responsibility in making you participate in the upcoming strategic plans and decisions that the company plans to undertake. Dewsoft plans to build upon a “ Standard Product Presentation: so that we are able to sell our product in any region in a standardized format. This will also give all our dear associates a common voice, a common platform to represent the company and its product in a similar fashion.

Together Lets Take Dewsoft to the Height It Deserves…….. 

Together Lets Work upon Product Improvisation and Development.

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Dewsoft Idol Hunt

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